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  • Color scanner series S 4X3 for universal applications in midrange and high-volume scanning
  • Different speed grades - 90ppm, 120ppm, 150ppm
  • High-quality camera technique with LED lighting system
  • Comfortable touchscreen operating panel
  • Highly developed ultrasound double-feed technique

The MF S400 Color Scanner has been designed for demanding scanning applications in the medium-volume and high-performance segments. The high levels of flexibility and performance provided by this universal scanning system meet even the most challenging of requirements. Innovative technologies enable problematical and mixed documents to be scanned quickly and reliably.

A unique feature of the MF S400 is the TouchScreen Communication Panel, which makes human-machine communication for operating the scanner extremely simple despite the hi-tech nature of the equipment. All information is displayed as plain text, and the user interface is genuinely intuitive.

The integral image enhancement functions ensure the best available image quality. These include cropping, deskew, despec, an optional secondary-color filter, software thresholding, automatic color detection and an color calibration program.

The 300 dpi speed option offers high productivity even when processing with a higher resolution. It offers the same level of performance achieved when scanning at just 200 dpi. Intelligent Endorser for printing important information on documents prior to and/or following scanning are available.

The guaranteed upgrade concept of the S400 protects your investment by ensuring you can upgrade every model of the scanner – from the entry-level to the top-of-the-range version – without much trouble and on your own premises. The small number of wearing parts and the high quality of the materials used guarantee the system is highly efficient and economical, the system also carrying the Energy Star logo identifying its compliance with this EPA energy efficiency program.

With this ideal combination of cutting-edge scanner technology and versatile imaging functions, the S400 always produces results in Best Image Quality.