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Janich & Klass Computertechnik GmbH, situated in Wuppertal, is a leading supplier of digitizing solutions in the high-volume range.

The division J&K XINO is one of three divisions of the company. The heart of J&K XINO┬┤s product portfolio is the high-performance document scanner family called XINO. These scanners feature high scanning volume, economic efficiency, ergonomic working position, and a multitude of unique topics. The XINO scanners are the actual summit of a steady technological development that reaches back to the mid 90s of the 20th century, when it started with the successfull high-end document scanner SC 51. Beside these high-volume scanners which are developed and produced by microform themselves, the product portfolio comprises a multitude of systems for digital, hybrid, and also analog document archiving on microfilm basis.

Janich & Klass is a leading supplier of products in the ranges document imaging and industrial PC technique. Here, microform positions itself as a competent partner for production-oriented solutions in the range of sophisticated document capture with the complete scope of hardware, application software, consulting, and technical service.

With their Best Image Quality concept, the company can offer complete capture solutions that are adopted to individual customer needs, and to steadily develop them further, in dialog with its customers. For Germany, Janich & Klass has its own maintenance organisation to secure the technical service for all devices that are marketed by Janich & Klass, including the products of other manufacturers. This also grants the direct contact to the end user: The resulting experience is continuously entered in the further product development. For the European markets, microform had a network of distribution partners. In the important markets in Asia and USA, microform is represented by competent regional partners.