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  • Developing machine for 16mm and 35mm microfilm at daylight
  • For films of up to 305 m length
  • Variable speed of up to 4 m pro min
  • Automatic film loading and electronic survey of the developing process
  • Cabinet with cleaning basin, as an option
  • Electronically controlled regenerating unit, as an option

Microfilm still is and will continue to remain an important component of modern information and data storage. Even in these times of digital storage solutions, it is impossible to imagine the world of archiving without microfilm – a highly reliable, secure and economic data storage medium. The new FP 505 film processor for developing microfilms is a vital part of a state-of-the-art and efficient production chain.

The concept of this daylight developing machine guarantees perfect results to meet the high demands of microfilm processing with regard to long-term durability, archiving security and high throughput. The system is a desktop unit that can also be supplied with an optional cabinet and cleaning basin or additionally with an automatic replenishing unit. The standard version of the film processor can develop either 16 mm or 35 mm microfilms with a length of up to 66 m. The films can be perforated or imperforated. Optionally, films of up to 305 m length can be processed.

The FP 505 film processor is a fully automated deep-tank developing system equipped with a fully electronic control and monitoring system with a multifunctional operator terminal. This enables precision control not only of the optimum developer temperature but of the desired transport speed and developing time for the film or of the fixing heater as the basis for perfect and totally reliable film processing for archiving requirements.

Generously dimensioned and electronically monitored rinsing-water and drying capacities meet all demands for perfect archive ability of the developed film material. The overall ecological concept naturally incorporates automatic cut-off of the rinsing water when transporting of the film is stopped, as well as separate collecting of the used chemicals.

A functional design resulting from many years of experience, the strong structure made of materials suitable for laboratory use (such as stainless steel and chemicals-resistant plastics), and the high production quality guarantee a long service lifetime and maximum reliability of the FP 505 film processor even under the toughest of production conditions.