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Reader Scanner SR 24iT SR 30 iT

The reader scanners SR 24iT and SR 30 iT has been designed as a universal system to be used with most microfilm formats.

The many different formats of microfilm require great flexibility of the retrieval system. A large number of interchangeable film carriers together with a choice of zoom lenses allow reproduction from all forms of microfilm. This includes microfiche, jackets and aperture cards as well as 16 and 35 mm roll films, whether in cartridges or open spool formats.

The output options will match all user requirements. They come with a printer interface with a high-performance DIN A4 / A3 laser printer for use as a digital reader-printer together with a USB interface for connection to a standard PC. Simply select the USB output and the connection between microfilm storage and digital processing is made.

As standard both systems offer a large number of helpful automated image functions. For example 360° motorised image rotation, automatic exposure control, image centring, automatic skew correction, auto fit and switchable image positioning (portrait / landscape).

Also there is the option to scan at 256 level greyscale for creating an 8-bit image to allow further image processing on a PC. This means that both extremely difficult originals as well as half-tone images stored on positive film can be optimally processed. This high quality is also guaranteed by staged resolutions of up to 800 dpi.

Naturally the system handles both positive and negative microfilm images. The optional image mask makes it possible to “blank out” undesired areas. Selectable scan modes ensure the best scan quality even with poor quality originals.

In conjunction with the user-friendly application software DpuScan SR the SR 24 iTand the SR 30 iT offer a host of image optimisation functions such as black border suppression, skew correction and image despeckle. Naturally the software supports the distribution of images via network, email or fax.